*Cancelations/reschedules require 24 hr notice. Failure to do so results in a 30% of service price fee

*no show= full price of service booked


MOSAIC wellness boutique

massage . sauna . spa treatments . wellness products . unique gifts

Healing Benefits of Massage


Physical benefits
increases blood and lymph circulation
improves posture and flexibility
reduces chronic pain
relives aching tense muscles
reduces tension headaches and migraines
improves skin tone
lowers blood pressure
strengthens immune system
reduces fatigue
speeds rehabilitation after injury/surgery
promotes deeper, easier breathing

Mental/Emotional Benefits

enhances relaxation
relieves stress
improves concentration
improves quality of sleep
reduces anxiety and depression
enhances self image and confidence
boosts mood

​Mosaic market​


Mon - Fri: 9:30am-8pm

Sat: 9am-5:30pm

Sun: closed

(by appointment only)

call/text Meagan (401) 617-9989

Book Your Session!


PAUSE (30 min massage) - $55

RESTORE (60 min massage) - $85

BALANCE (90 min massage) - $115

SAVOR (120 min massage) - $145


 (optional special add on treatments to enhance your massage, these do not add time to your scheduled appointment)

Hot stones-($15)

Nourishing hair and scalp oil treatment-($15)

Cupping therapy -($10)

Body scrub(coffee/himalayan salt/brown sugar)-($15)

Seaweed body masque-($15)

Exfoliation/dry brushing-($10)

Aztec clay face masque with jade stone massage-($20)

Finnish sauna-($20)

*to check out our package deals, click on the "services" tab at the top of the page

**gift cards are available!


Wellness Products

in Nov. 2018 owner of Mosaic, Meagan Sterling began making her own natural healing proucts (more to come!)

​*Magnesium and Arnica  healing salve -$18

*Magnesium sleep sray and muscle relief spray -$10

*Headache relief Roll-on- $12

*Natural Deoderant -$10

*Tea Soaks -$8

Each massage is customized to your specific needs of the day for one set price, whether you are: stressed and craving a nice relaxing treat, or are in need of some focused and effective deep work or are pregnant and feeling aches and discomfort.

Because the focus of Mosaic is to provide memorable exceptional experiences; complimentary towels, heating packs, aromatherapy, and tea/refreshments are provided for each client. Relaxing and stretching are encouraged after your session.