I have had a career in massage therapy for 4 years and in that amount of time I have massaged in a variety of settings (a high end spa, healing center, chiropractors office, pilates studio, out calls and a couple different independently owned practices) before opening Mosaic in 2015.   Prior to massage school I was a fine arts student but always knew I wanted to open a business that would improve others lives. Everything clicked when I received my first ever professional massage. I decided then and there that, that was what i wanted to do. My love of art was another driving factor in my desire to start my own business and to create a unique space that feels peaceful and happy.  

I am passionate about creating experiences that make people feel valued.  I am striving to bring balance and ease to the minds and bodies of my clients through my training in various modalities of massage which I blend together and customize to each client. My style of massage can be described as restorative, focused, detailed, and very effective. 

About Mosaic

MOSAIC wellness boutique

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I am very excited to be part of Mosaic Wellness Boutique. I once worked at a café as a server/barista/ chocolatier’s assistant for a few years in Newport and connected to many hardworking people, where I felt my  passion to care for others, was truly fulfilling. When the café closed, I was searching for a way to bring that same comfort to people. My journey in massage began over coffee one morning with some friends in 2014; I realized I can continue to care for others through therapeutic body work.  I have a long history of a holistic lifestyle that is dear to my heart and I believe that body care from the inside and out is essential to living healthy and keeping strong. Using a foundation of relaxation techniques, I enjoy combining deep bodywork, trigger point therapy and Shiatsu massage techniques for an authentic therapeutic experience to promote whole-body well-being.


LMT and owner of Mosaic

-Certified MT (Lincoln Tech- Oct 2013)

-Licensed MT (Jan 2013)

-Prenatal massage cert (Dec 2014)

-Thai massage cert (Lotus Palm, Montreal- Oct 2015)

-Lomi-lomi massage cert (Samara School of Massage, Costa Rica- March 2016)

Lisa Marie

Massage therapist- intern